Color Chart


2 Dark Brown Black
6/2 Dark Brown Black with Brown Highlights
8/2 Dark Brown Black with Light Brown Highlights
33/2 Dark Brown Black with dark Red Highlights
DARK BROWN 4 Dark Brown
8/4 Dark Brown with soft brown highlights
10/4 Dark Brown with light brown highlights
30/4 Dark Brown with light red highlights
33/4 Dark Brown with Dark Red Highlights
WARM BROWN 6 Warm Brown
8/6 Warm Brown with Soft Brown Highlights
10/6 Warm Brown with Light Brown Highlights
12/6 Warm Brown with Blonde Highlights
30/6 Warm Brown with Light Red Highlights
33/6 Warm Brown with Dark Red Highlights
LIGHT BROWN 10/7 Light Brown
12/7 Light Brown with Blonde Highlights
10/6/8 Light Brown Combination
30/6/8 Light Brown Combination with Soft Red
DIRTY BLOND 12/8 Brown Blonde
14/8 Soft Brown Blonde
16/8 Brown Blonde with Blonde Highlights
DIRTY BLOND BLOND 16/10 Dirty Blonde
BLONDE 16/14/12 3 Color Blonde Combination
24/14/12 3 Color Blonde (More Yellow)
16/18 Dull Blonde
ASH BLOND 18/22 Frost blonde
18/24 Frost Blonde with More Yellow Blonde
RED AUBURN 27/27/30 Strawberry Blonde
32 Brown Red
33 Dark Brown Red
Ginger Fire Engine Red